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AllSolutions Web Hosting

W E B   H O S T I N G   by AllSolutions.NET

Fast Connections . . . Reliable Servers . . . Reasonable Prices . . . Great Support

AllSolutions.NET Advantages

Fast Set-up:
After you sign up and submit the info on our sign-up page, your new website will be ready the next day. If your are transferring a domain name or registering a new one it will usually take one day for InterNIC to make the transition. In the meantime, you will be able to access your web site via the unique IP address that is reserved for your site.

No Hidden or Extra Charges:
We won't nickel and dime you to death with hidden additional charges for your site. Just about everything you'll need is already built in to our packages: CGI compatibilty, domain name servicing, email, password protecting, and access to stats.

State of the Art Equipment and Facilities:
Your new website will be hosted on state of the art equipment using the latest software, set up to make managing your site quick and easy. After years on the internet, we know what it takes to make things as simple as possible for you.

Your web site resides on a server with an ultra-fast redundant connection to the internet. And we have more than enough bandwidth to make sure your visitors always get through quickly. Your customers' connections are getting faster. Are yours?

Are you tired of your server being unreachable? If your server is down just one percent of the time, that means that your site could be out of business for more than seven hours every month! Switch to AllSolutions.NET for true reliability.

24 Hour Monitoring:
A website is useless if none of your customers can get to it. Computers fail, hard drives fail, connections fail. We realize that even by using the most reliable equipment we can buy, equipment can and does fail. Our equipment is monitored 24 hours a day. We do, however, recommend that you also keep backups of your website, for important off-site storage.

Just Web Hosting:
Some hosting companies are primarily internet service proiders (ISPs). This means that they offer dialup access to the internet. If 1,000 dialup customers are busy surfing the Web, they are competing with your site for bandwidth. At AllSolutions.NET, we offer no dialup connections. We don't even have a single one.

As hardware can fail, so can connections. Our servers are peered with major backbone providers so that if one connection should fail, we can quickly switch to another. We use state of the art BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) multihoming to ensure the reliability of your connection to the internet.

We can do all the configuration for you -- all you have to do is ceate and upload your web site.


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