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Web Site Design

If you need a website but don't know about programming or graphics design, thats OK, we know some web-geeks who specialize in making professional websites.

Most basic websites they make are inexpensive (approximately $300-$400) and will get you that extra business you need. Everyone they've made a website for is happy with the final design!

If you would like an online photo gallery (or slide show), they have pre-made templates. It is very simple and works like this... you go to a web page designed for you, there you'll find a button to upload your picture from your computer and put a description under it. A program does the rest! Between them, they can do just about anything you can think of... this is just one example.

You can get a quote on everything from a simple template based web site through the most complex scripting, database, or customized shopping cart sites to be found. So whatever you do, whether it be your hobby or your livelihood, your website can be working 24 hours a day 7 days a week promoting YOU or selling for YOU!

They come highly recommended, so give them a look.

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