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If you don't see what you need here, please check our FAQS to see if your question is answered there.


To upload your pages to your web space, use an FTP program:

Ftp Programs and Utilities - and user help
For Windows 3.1 download CuteFTP at: http://www.cuteftp.com
For Windows 95/98/NT download WS_FTP32 LE at: Junod Software
For Macintosh Computers, download Fetch at: http://www.fetchsoftworks.com

Using FTP to upload your pages to your web space:

Once you have created a home page and you are ready to upload it to our server, you can do so by following the steps listed below. All FTP programs are different, this is intended as a general guide for most FTP programs. There is documentation included with all the above software programs and info is available at the above downloading sites.

Note: Before uploading your main home page, make sure its file name is 'index.html'
The uploaded page will appear at: http://www.<yourdomain>.com/index.html

1. Launch your FTP application.

2. Select 'open' or 'connect' and enter your web site address (www.yourdomain.com). Enter your Username and Password now if your program allows it. Then press Return or Enter. (yourdomain) stands for your site name that will be your home page.

3. Otherwise type your username when asked for login name, then press Return or Enter. Type your password when asked for password, then press Return or Enter.

4. Then go to the directory that is called 'html'. That's where all your web pages go. Usually double-clicking on it will go to that directory.

5. Depending on your operating system, you can either drag the files from your computer to the FTP window for your web site, or you might have to select the file to upload from file manager or a menu.

6. Done! It's that simple!

Remember, uploading a new file will overwrite the one that might already be there, so save the old one if you might need it again.

How do I get my email?

You need an email client (program) such as Eudora or Netscape or Microsoft Mail. Most web browsers now have email built in, so you might not need one of the special programs. Of course, you'll need to tell the program where your mail is. Assuming your domain is www.yourdomain.com, you should use the following server parameters:

POP Server: yourdomain.com

SMTP Server: (Use your current outgoing email service)

You will need to enter your user name and password (these are the same as the username and password you use to upload files).

Can I forward my email to another email address?

It's easy to forward all your email to another email address. You only need to make a text file with just the email address you want your email forwarded to, name it '.forward', and ftp it to your main directory that you see when you log in.

I can't log in to upload files, what's the problem?

Make sure you entered your log-in info exactly as it was sent to you, and save it on your computer and write it down somewhere. Remember most of the internet is CaSe sensitive, including your log-in information.

Some people tell me my web pages look funny. Why?

Some web browsers see web pages a little differently. It doesn't hurt to check them with a couple of different browsers. And although HTML coding of web pages isn't that complex, it's still easy to make mistakes. You should check your page carefully or it might not display properly in some browsers. You can check your web pages at Dr. HTML or WebSite Garage.

What are CGI's? And where can I get them?

CGIs are programs that can do a number of cool things that make your website more fun. A few popular ones are hit counters, guestbooks, and forms that can send you email. Here's a few places to look for CGI scripts:

Matt's Script Archive
CGI City

My CGI scripts won't work. Why?

Make sure you've set the correct permissions on your site for your scripts. Always work on a copy of a script when making changes, so if you make a big mistake you still have the original to work with. You must also make sure that any specified paths to files are entered exactly. You can look in your error log to try to pinpoint cgi problems. We do offer CGI scripting and/or debugging help at reasonable rates.

May I have password protected areas on my site?

Yes. You may use '.htaccess' to password protect directories on your web site. Help and instructions are available here.

Much more help is available on our FAQS page.


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